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Have you ever thought about starting your very own private label e-commerce store? Maybe you don't know where to start, or never gave it any effort because it seemed risky. The online gurus make it seem so easy, and they entice you to buy a course WITHOUT ANY guidance.


Maybe you've attempted to start a store, but the store failed to generate sales. Some people have trouble even getting the product imported. Others have trouble with marketing, or branding issues.

Elite Merchandisers offers a Guided E-commerce program where we walk you step by step from selecting a winning product, branding the product, importing it, and setting up a store to market the product on both Shopify and Amazon. We de-risk the whole process with our step by step system, and we'll help you through selecting winning products with analytics.

In our program we offer an online portal where you can watch tutorials of me actually going through the process of selecting a product and negotiating with vendors.  You'll also be able to have private meetings with me personally so that I can give you an action plan and coach you through it with a personalized approach. In this photo below, I show the first 16 days of sales after launching our newest store. We actually generated $5,284 in the first 16 days selling a high ticket product during our first test run. We sold out of inventory! We expect to take this product to $50,000 per month in the next 4 months, and the store to $250,000 per month within' a year as we add more products. Watch us scale this store from nothing!

Who are the Elite Merchandisers and why should I trust them?
Jasper Real, CEO of Elite Merchandisers
With my first e-commerce store I've generated $351,719 in sales with my first successful store. I am an expert with Shopify, Importing products, Facebook Ads, Amazon, marketing, and business operations.
I also run this digital marketing agency working with other e-commerce businesses in helping them with Facebook ads, E-mail Sequences, Landing Pages, and even E-commerce coaching!
I've just started a second store from scratch and we've launched the product and generated $5,284 as seen in the photos above.
Below I've reveal some more photos from my portfolio and why I believe I can help you.
Facebook Ads Performance, 6.63x Return is HIGH
For every 1 dollar spent, we received $12.47! Extremely high ROAS
We teach our students how to obtain a high trust score, establishing massive credibility
We're fully capable of handling difficult niches and capturing high ticket sales as high as $5,407!
We can raise your Average Order Value through the roof!
Sign up for a free consultation so that I can help you get started on building your dream e-commerce store.
Here's what the Guided E-commerce program will offer:
✅ Bi-weekly zoom calls with Jasper
✅ Unlimited access to e-mail me questions about the modules
✅ You'll receive a step by step system to follow with a checklist
✅ I'll coach you and push you through the program towards success
✅ Access to a private Facebook group including owners of 7 figure stores!
✅ How to analyze products
✅ How to select a product and import it
✅ How to set up a Shopify store and highly converting landing page
✅ How to build an e-mail list and e-mail sequences
✅ Blueprint on how to set up Facebook ads
✅ How to get your product on Amazon
✅ How to raise additional capital (up to $10,000 on your first raise)
✅ How to avoid financial pitfalls
✅ Finding a CPA that can handle your books
✅ Shipping, logistics, and operations!
✅ Customer service blueprint
✅ Scale the store to 6 figures within' the matter of months
Here's a little something to motivate you to start your own Private Label E-commerce store. After you start and run your store successfully I'll teach you how to do THIS every month by accessing $5 flights! Below here is Muscle Beach at South Beach Miami:

Here's Santa Monica Beach in California - business buys freedom

Let's get you started so you can earn the money you deserve with your business! Sign up for a free consultation.


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Not convinced yet?

With Additional consultations with the Elite Merchandisers CEO himself.

  • I'll consult you on your landing pages and I'll point out ways to optimize it to convert

  • We'll discuss your product selection and gross profit margin

  • We'll discuss performance of the ads and ways to optimize and improve them

  • We'll go over a checklist of things that you need to complete to optimize your business

  • I'll teach you some travel hacks so that you can take flights for as low as $5 dollars!

  • How to raise capital and pitfalls to avoid. We'll help raise $15k-$250k+ in funding!

  • Operation and logistics challenges

  • Finding the proper accountant/CPA to handle your books and taxes.




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