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Jasper Real

E-mails are one of the most effective ways to generate sales in any arena. In 2021 people still open at 20%-30%. Some of our flows are as high as 80% open rate. They are my biggest revenue generator to this day, even more so than Facebook ads! 


Have you ever heard "the money is in the follow up"? People spend their money when you add value until they are fully convinced it's the right decision. That's what our e-mails will do.


Customers are looking for 1 last reason to buy. If you reassure them that you are the right choice they'll surely complete the purchase.

In this photo you can see we've produced open rates

as high as 80% with one of our e-mail flows:

90 day results with automated Klaviyo flows:

With this client we took them from 10 new subscribers per week, to 120 new subscribers per week. That's a 1100% increase in subscribers per week!

Here's a 90 day snapshot of results

with various flows for one client:

Here's what's missing in your e-mail marketing

✅ Recover Cart-Abandonments so your customers can pick up where they left off! 

✅ Welcome your new customers the right away and get those positive reviews! 

✅ Upsell your customers to increase your average order value!

✅ Cross-sell your customer's other related products!

✅ Promote holiday specials during the biggest seasons!


If you build an e-mail list you can always introduce new products to that list, or sell them on why they should buy current products. Your sales shouldn't always be cold Facebook ads or even warm Facebook ads. You should get people on your e-mail list and send them value about things that may interest them to get them engaged. It's incredibly cheap, and if you hire professionals to write the copy then you can earn tens of thousands more each month!

Tired of reading boring and uninformative e-mails that don't give you the information you're looking for? 

Well don't hire those people! Their services might be cheap but ineffective! Hire copywriters and you'll see a massive difference in revenue generation.

If you want to boost your revenues by 25% in at little as 4 weeks.. We have the systems and templates, the secrets, and the skills to convert your customers over e-mail!

Digital Suites Media can help you run effective e-mail campaigns that convert. The reason why is because we make sure that every last stone is turned so that customers have all the information needed to make a purchasing decision!

Digital Suites Media are the masters at producing massive credibility. We'll make sure that your brand is trusted far more than your competitors.


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